P-Tech’s line of 3.3” Shaded Pole and Permanent Split Capacitor motors are key components of heaters, A/C units, fans, blowers, pumps and gear motors and are manufactured at our own factory in  Wuxi, China.

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P-Tech offers a wide variety of UL recognized and CSA certified shaded pole C-Frame general replacement motors that feature an open enclosure and thermal protection. These motors are designed for use in small fans and blowers found in bathroom ventilators, range hoods, electric heaters, humidifiers, air cleaners, refrigeration equipment and slide projectors.


P-Tech’s centrifugal blowers, paired with our fractional HP shaded pole or PSC motors, are the workhorse of the industry. They offer up to 750 CFM air delivery, are thermally protected and are UL and CSA Certified. These blowers are used extensively in HVAC units and IAQ applications, restaurants and fireplaces.

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P-Tech’s crossflow or tangential blowers are used extensively in the HVAC industry because of their low-profile & compact shape, quiet operation and ability to provide high-pressure coefficient. The blower wheel diameter readily scales to fit the available space and the length is adjustable to meet flow rate requirements for the particular application.


Our DC linear actuators are often considered a desirable actuation solution where low voltage is preferred. Our agency-recognized products exhibit strong performance, quiet operation AND reduced cable size requirements. These features make our DC line a good choice for industrial, fitness, medical, long-term care & home care applications.


P-Tech’s line of AC linear actuators is custom designed from standard components. The actuators vary in size, speed, and power, depending on the application. These actuators are suited for motion furniture, medical beds and tables, ergonomic workstations and fitness equipment.


P-Tech offers a wide range of castings for applications from gear motors to dental chair components. Find out how we can help eliminate the guesswork from casting sources.


P-Tech offers numerous configurations and styles for your Motion Control System needs. Our system seamlessly pairs with actuators, massage motors, blue tooth accessories or any components required for your application. Our remote controls have been specially designed for a comfortable and contoured fit in your hand.

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P-Tech has engineered a 3.3” ECM designed specifically for Air-Over applications. The motors are designed with high levels of functionality, control, and efficiency. A diverse range of input and output controls allows the user to fit this low-maintenance motor into any air-over application and is ideal for fans, blowers, and vents.


P-Tech’s line of vibrating massage motors can be used in a variety of different applications including beds, tables, chairs, or industrial applications.

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